What is the TDL4 MBR Rootkit Bootkit Virus Alureon TDSS?

The TDL4 and it variants have been around for the last couple of years. It is an especially difficult virus / rootkit / bootkit to remove. It is estimated that the TDL4 Bootkit is part of a large worldwide Botnet infection of over 4 million computers. The bad guys are selling development kits to other cyber criminals so there are many variations out in the wild.

Here is some more technical information concerning how it works

How to remove the TDL4 and its variants, but because it is changing every few days you may need to run several of the following:

Kaspersky -

Avast - aswMBR.exe -

Hitman Pro -

Bit Defender BDRemoval Tool -

Video - How to remove TDL4 MBR Bootkit Alureon TDSS and repair its damage to your MBR Master Boot Record -

Comodo Killswitch - diagnose all running applications and stop those pesky Malware programs -