100% free virus removal tools to Repair your PC using the following, speed up your computer, repair Internet Explorer, computer sandbox, bootable UBCD4Win CD, Fake AV Viral Rootkit

Use the following 100% free virus removal programs to fix just about any Malware infection your PC may have. These viral removing steps assume you have some technical skills, you know how to create Folders or Directories, and you know how to get to the DOS prompt and navigate.  Most importantly, you know how to follow directions and won't blame us if you your computer becomes inoperable... Here are the Trojan repair, DETAILED steps to remove viruses from your computer.

Individual Antivirus ISO's are used to create standalone bootable antivirus repair Anti-virus Bootable Rescue CD Disk or Bootable USB Flash drives... Detailed information to create (burn) a bootable antivirus CD or USB Flash drive to remove stubborn viral infections

Here are the simple to use, basic steps to clean an infected PC. Ensure you complete each before going to the next step. Do not install multiple AV applications. Only have one AV application installed and running at the same time. Ensure you have backed up your data before beginning.

Your slow computer is like a overloaded little pickup truck with a two ton load of sand, bricks and concrete in the pickup bed.  The little pickup has the volume capacity, but lacks the suspension and drive train for the heavy load.  Likewise your PC is overloaded and now is too slow. So you need to lighten the load on your PC by reducing the number of background applications... Here are the steps I use to speed up my computer

Never get another virus by changing the way your surf the Internet. Here is a brilliant way to ensure you never get another virus. Deploy a virtual LINUX computer appliance on top of your Windows Operating System

This Rootkit infection is common and there are many strains and variants. Typically the symptoms are relentless popups warning you have a virus, asking you for your credit card and a promise to fix the problem when their repair application is purchased...Here are the tools you need to repair and remove spyware.

The TDL4 and it variants have been around for the last couple of years. It is an especially difficult virus / rootkit / bootkit to remove. It is estimated that the TDL4 Bootkit is part of a large worldwide Botnet infection of over 4 million computers. The bad guys are selling development kits to other cyber criminals so there are many variations out in the wild...Tools to remove

Virus Removal Video


Kaspersky Rescue Disk Video


AVERT Software Video


Fake AV Removal Video


Combofix Video


Improve your browsing speed and your computers overall performance. Here is a really simple trick to fix your Internet Explorer... How to fix your Internet Explorer and improve your computers overall performance

As the Dentist says, 'Only floss the teeth your want to keep', likewise, only backup the data you want to keep. Let's face it all of us are guilty of not performing routine backups...Here is a review of the different backup methods you can do with our recommendations.

  • Uninstall all applications you don't regularly use

  • Stop all excess applications and Services except Antivirus using MSCONFIG.exe

  • Ensure the Antivirus application / suite has a small footprint, in other words the AV application uses fewer PC resources - memory and CPU capacity

  • Clean the PC's registry and remove all Malware / Viruses from the PC. Antivirus Suites, Manufacturers applications, All-In-One Fax / Printers / Scanners often install too many applications which you don't really need or use. Each of these applications slow down your PC as they run in the background.

  • Also look at your Web browser, uninstall all but one toolbar. Run TASKMGR.exe, count the number of applications running; XP users should have ~ 25 applications running and Vista and Windows 7 users should have no more than 60 background applications running.

  • Reset Internet Explorer - This uninstalls Add-Ons and makes your PC run like new

Steps to fix the PC and make it run faster:

1. Reduce the number of applications running in the back ground.

a. Ctrl-Alt-Del to run the taskmgr.exe - this will list all processes / applications running in the background - note how many processes are running. Now exit Taskmgr.exe


c. Select Startup, document all Startup applications

d. Uncheck all except the Antivirus

e. Select Services, check Hide all Microsoft services, document all Startup Services

f. Uncheck all services except Antivirus

g. Reboot your computer and run Taskmgr.exe again, note the number of applications running

h. Check all your applications, test print, ensure you can surf using Internet Explorer and test you can send and receive email

2. Internet Explorer - Remove all Add-Ons and toolbars

a. TOOLS Internet_Options Advanced RESET - This returns Internet Explorer to its original configuration and zaps Add-Ons

b. Test Browse to ensure web surfing has improved

3. If the PC continues to run slow run the applications on this page to cleanup Malware infections

4. If the PC needs additional help click here
Clean Your PC to Speed Up the Computer

100% Free Virus Removal Tools | Spyware, Trojan, Rootkit and Malware Cleaning Utilities

1. HitmanPro - A second opinion Web Scan
2. Prevx - Works if Antiviral applications installed
3. MalwareBytes - Works if AV installed
4. Spybot S and D - Works if AV installed
5. MSFT Security Essentials - MSFT No Cost AV
6. TrendMicro - Web Scan
7. ComboFix - Rootkits scanner
8. GMER - Rootkits scanner
9. Sophos- DOS virus scanner
10. HijackThis - Creates startups log and selective delete

How to clean Viral Infections, Trojans from a Windows computer.   

1. Before Scanning, Disable "System Restore" - START --> RUN --> control sysdm.cpl --> OK , Now Scan using the links on the left

2. Use multiple scanners (six to seven) to confirm the infection is cleaned, ONE AT A TIME. i.e. Install ONE antiviral program, scan, uninstall, install the next antivirus program, scan, uninstall... (Web Scanners don't require an uninstall)

3. If infection remains, Start your computer in "Safe Mode", and scan using links / buttons on the left and right - Note: some Web Scanners or Anti-Virus applications may not work or install in safe mode.

4. If infection remains you'll need to go to the DOS prompt and locate and delete the infected files using one of the following methods:

a. Boot using a UBCD (UBCD4WIN How To Video or Another UBCD4WIN How to Video) Rescue CD/DVD or USB bootable Flash Drive - scan using the Sophos command line program then manually delete infected files and registry settings    

b. Or Boot using your XP / Vista install CD or Alternative Video if you don't have CD - scan using the Sophos command line program then manually delete infected files and registry settings

   c. Or insert infected hard disk into a External USB enclosure or External IDE enclosure, connect to another computer and scan / disinfect

5. Use START --> RUN--> msconfig.exe to temporarily disable startup applications and non-Microsoft services -   

    a. Use START --> RUN--> Taskmgr.exe to list running services and applications  

    b. Research which services and startup programs are legitimate6. Use the HijackThis tool to permanently disable startup programs, services and browser add-ins

7. If Internet Explorer is not working   

a. Use another computer to download several anti-virus applications to a USB Flash Drive, insert the USB Flash Drive into the infected computer (WARNING), install one antivirus program at a time, scan and uninstall before installing the next antivirus program   

b. Install Foxfire from a Flash Drive - DO NOT IMPORT ANY Internet Explorer SETTINGS!    

c. When the Virus has been cleaned and confirmed it has been cleaned by using several antivirus scanners, Re-enable System Restore, upgrade to the latest Internet Explorer and update your windows operating system with all of the latest patches. 

Additional Free Viral Removal
Detailed information - Click Here

1. Download UBCD using another clean, uninfected computer. Follow the documentation to BURN (create) a bootable UBCD4Win CD / DVD

2. Boot your infected computer using the bootable UBCD4Win CD / DVD

3. Create a Directory / Folder on the C drive of the infected computer. Name it SAV32CLI

4. Download Sophos emergency copy of SAV32CLI to the C:\SAV32CLI - C drive SAV32CLI folder on the infected computer and extract into

5. Also download latest virus identity IDE files to the C:\SAV32CLI - C drive SAV32CLI folder on the infected computer and extract into

6. Go to the DOS Prompt - (also called Command Prompt also called CMD Prompt)C: (Press the ENTER key) --> CD\SAV32CLI --> (Press the ENTER key)

7. AT the C:\SAV32CLI prompt enter SAV32CLI -DI -P=C:\SCANLOG1.TXT --> (Press the ENTER key) the computer will now scan for viruses for about an hour

8. AT the C:\SAV32CLI prompt enter SAV32CLI -DI -P=C:\SCANLOG2.TXT --> (Press the ENTER key) the computer will now scan for viruses for about an hour

9. AT the C:\SAV32CLI prompt enter SAV32CLI -REMOVE -P=C:\REMOVLOG.TXT --> (Press the ENTER key) the computer will now scan for viruses for about an hour

10. Some Viruses may still remain. Disconnect the UBCD, Re-boot your computer into a normal windows session and rescan your computer with the following online tools
a. Trendmicro Housecall
b. Spybot Search and Destroy 
c. ESET  d. ComboFix 
e. MalwareBytes 

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