The goal of this web page is to present the basic steps you should follow to remove Malware infections using our Free Virus Removal Tools. Ideally, you should follow the steps in sequence, but some infections may prevent using several cleaning programs.  If you cannot use one of the cleaning utilities, go to the next step and see if it removes the infection(s). Try using EVERY cleaning program to ensure the infection(s) has been removed.  Malware infections are designed by Cyber-Criminals to steal your personal information and these unauthorized programs are very sophisticated and difficult to remove. It may take many hours or several days to scan, clean and repair your Malware infection (s).  Please be patient, follow the steps, read the instructions and keep your "fingers crossed". Sometimes the only way to repair your computer is just never give up.

Follow these steps to use the free virus removal tools; ensure you complete each before going to the next step. Do not install multiple AV programs. Only have one AV program installed and running at the same time:

Backup your data
Ensure you have only one AV program installed.
Stop all unnecessary background programs
Disable System Restore
Start your computer in safe mode
Download, install and run the following:
CCleaner - Clears Cache, temp files where viruses may be hiding.
C O M OD O's Killswitch - Stop virus running processes and programs, but does not delete the files
Combofix - Read the instructions first, download and run
Bitdefender's Removal Program
aswMBR Rootkit removal tool
TDSS Bootkit
Killer - Kaspersky's quick Rootkit / Bootkit removal tool
Prevx - The free version of this program identifies infections, but does not remove or repair
Hitman Pro - 30 day free trial
Trendmicro Housecall - Web Scan and repair
Microsoft Safety scan
XP version or Vista / Windows 7 version  - Web Scan and repair
MalwareBytes - free for home users
Spybot Search & Destroy - free 

If the infection remains use:

Sophos - command line DOS program
ComboFix -
If the infection remains read this and do this
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