Millions of Printers in Danger of Being Hacked and set on fire

Despite your computer having the latest, updated Antivirus program, your wireless printer is vulnerable to an attack that might allow hackers to cause your printer to catch on fire.

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City College of San Francisco computer system hacked

Whoops! I guess someone should have updated their antivirus subscription. As it appears the college' network has been infected for many years.

Alleron TDSS rootkit free virus removal programs

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New Virus captures your online Banking information

If you use your computer to do your on-line banking, ensure you have an up-to-date antivirus program. And consider using our free virus removal programs to get a second opinion.


Online Banking Cyberthreats

What is a Virus, a Trojan, Rootkit etc. Here is a quick look at todays types of cyberthreats.


Be Virus Free in 2012 - Create a Computer Sandbox

Security through Obscurity. If you have a newer PC with extra memory go to the following link to create a Virus Proof disposable computer.

The Disposable computer is a Linux appliance. That is, a computer you can load on top of your existing computer to prevent ALL VIRUSES from attacking your Windows or Mac computer. The appliance runs using VMware's VMplayer as a separate window. It's easy to install and use. Just follow the directions