Clean Your PC and Speed Up The Computer

Here are the programs we use to Clean Your PC, delete old browser cache, temporary files and remove old registry entries to speed up your computer. The last four allow you to stop startup programs to reduce the number of application running, to speed up your PC.

1. CCleaner -
--> Download --> Download from --> Download Latest Version --> click on yellow add-on bar --> Download File --> Run --> Run ---> OK --> Next --> I Agree --> "uncheck all checkboxes --> Next --> "uncheck Install the free Google Toolbar ..." --> Install --> Finish --> Analyze --> Run Cleaner --> Analyze --> Run Cleaner --> Registry --> Scan for Issues --> Fix selected issues --> NO "backup" --> Fix All Selected Issues --> Close --> "repeat scan and fix until no more issues" --> EXIT CCleaner --> EXIT Internet Explorer

2. 360Amigo -
--> Download Free --> Download Now --> click on yellow addon bar --> Download File --> Run --> Run --> OK --> "Minimize your Internet Explorer" --> Accept and Install --> System Cleaner --> Run Scanner --> Run Cleaner --> Registry Cleaner --> Find Errors --> Clean Errors --> EXIT 360Amigo upper right hand X --> EXIT Internet Explorer / Close all tabs

3. MSconfig - Start --> Run--> msconfig.exe "PRESS ENTER KEY" - Note which startup programs and startup services are running. Now disable everything except your Antivirus and reboot

4. HijackThis - - Like MSCONFIG except it's permanent.

5. Autoruns - - Lists every startup and allows you to stop all unnecessary startups.

6. Procexp - - Like taskmgr.exe except more verbose. Displays systems resource usage.

Your computer is overloaded, overworked and because of all of the programs you have installed it is SLOW. When we say too many programs are loaded we mean there are too many programs running. Use the above utilities to stop all unnecessary startup applications. Note which are starting before you uncheck or uninstall programs you may need. Use the utilities in the order they are listed and then reboot after each and measure the improvement. It should be noted that you won't notice the improvement until your computer is approximately 15% faster. Taskmgr.exe is a good program to run before your begin as to have a baseline against which your can measure. AFter your have run all six of the above steps you should see an improvement. Some Antivirus programs can really use a lot of system resources, so you might want to temporarily disable your Antivirus program to check if it is the cause of your slow computer. If the existing Antivirus is the cause, uninstall it and reboot then immediately install an alternative AV program. DO NOT RUN YOUR COMPUTER WITHOUT VIRAL PROTECTION. Some All-In_one Fax, Printer Scanners load too many applications and can significantly slow the computer. If you are primarily uses the ALL-IN-ONE to scan or just print uninstall the entire suite of software and look at the manufacturers web site for basic drivers, use the custom install and only load the absolute minimum features. Or maybe consider getting a stand alone printer of just a standalone scanner to reduce the load on the computer.

Before beginning ensure you have at least two good backups of your entire computer. Sometime things go horribly wrong and you'll need a backup to recover if "Murphy Law" hits you while attempting the above modifications.