Here are the steps I used to speed up my PC.

Your slow computer is like a overloaded little pickup truck with a two ton load of sand, bricks and concrete in the pickup bed.  The little pickup has the volume capacity, but lacks the suspension and drive train for the heavy load.  Likewise your PC is overloaded and now is too slow. So you need to lighten the load on your PC by reducing the number of background programs.

Again we assume you are technically adept and are going to read the information contained in the links before you proceed.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MISTAKES, so PLEASE read before you proceed!

Steps to speed up your XP computer or Vista computer:

1. Scan your computer with Trend Micro Housecall to ensure the slowness isn't being caused by a virus.  If the results of the Web Scan indicate a virus, STOP and
follow these steps before continuing.

Go to the DOS Prompt - START --> RUN --> CMD --> select ENTER KEY


4. Note the resulting user name and write the name down

5. Type EXIT --> ENTER

6. Ensure you have exited all applications - i.e. exit all programs


8. Select the PROCESSES Tab - and write down the number of applications running in the background - ideally you should have ~ 25 processes running if your
OS is XP or ~ 45 processes running if your OS is VISTA. 

9. TIP - you can sort By NAME, USER NAME, CPU by clicking on the heading

10. Research each program running using Uniblue's
Process Search

11. Uninstall Antivirus Suite programs they use too much computer resource and install a replacement AV program with a smaller footprint. i.e. Remove Antivirus Suite programs and Install and simple
small footprint antivirus program like Vipre.  Replace your antivirus / firewall software, with a good hardware firewall router. The Suites are really good, but have too many add-on's that slow down your computer. 

12. Uninstall the All-In-One scanning, printing, faxing device with a simple printer and scan via a web interface and fax using a stand alone fax machine and protect your computer with a Hardware Firewall. 

13. Uninstall your junk freeware, junk shareware, junk games, junk Today's Horoscope, Fish Tank Screensaver, Toolbar Programs, Desktop Search, Internet Explorer Add-on's. All  printer BLOAT-WARE, and all computer manufacturers add-ons.  All of the preceding programs are why your computer is sooooooo slow. 

14. If any of the aforementioned programs are Mission Critical (programs you need) to you, keep them.

Use MSCONFIG.exe to temporarily disable all remaining startup applications and all non-Microsoft Services. EXCEPT your antivirus program.  Note we assume you have a Firewall / Router, otherwise ensure your Windows Firewall is enabled. 

16. Test for open ports using
GRC Shields Up  i.e. verify your firewall is working.

17. After your computer is running faster and you are
SURE all "Mission Critical Applications" are working, use HijackThis to permanently remove startup programs, unnecessary services and remove browser add-ons. HijackThis Download

18. Use
SYSTEM Tools to clear temporary internet files and defrag your hard disk.

19. Reboot - restart your computer and see if your PC is performing better