Top 10 Free Antivirus ISO's to create bootable recovery CD's or bootable USB Flash Drives

Individual Antivirus ISO's are used to create (using the free ISO CD Creator for some of the below ISO's) standalone bootable antivirus repair Anti-virus Bootable Rescue CD Disk. Because your infected computer boots from the following CD's, the infected file isn't marked as open or marked as un-deletable by the operating system's attributes. You would want to use more than one of the following bootable anti-virus CD's to ensure the infection has really been removed. CD's are cheap and using 5-6 would just about guarantee the malware infection has been removed.


Use the following to create your own Top 10 Free Antivirus bootable CD's

ISO-CD Creator - This is a CD image burner to create the following bootable CD's form the ISO images below

1. BitDefender ISO How to create a Top 10 Free Antivirus Bitdefender Rescue CD - Step-By-Step instructions

2. Sophos ISO This is an emergency solution which may cause data loss, read the directions before you begin to create your Top 10 Free Antivirus CD

3. Kaspersky ISO This is a bootable Top 10 Free Antivirus DOS CD - read the instructions ... again please backup your data before using this or any of the bootable CD's

4. F-Secure This is their easy clean system Not a bootable CD - Use to remove threats

5. AVG ISO Comprehensive Top 10 Free Antivirus toolkit to repair your computer system

6. Trinity ISO Free Linux Top 10 Free Antivirus CD to repair and rescue your Windows operating system

7. Dr Web ISO -FTP site - read their PDFs before you use

8. Antivir ISO - Download only, contains no usage information

9. Avira ISO - Download the Antivirus file, run and a bootable CD is created

10. G-Data Beta ISO - This is BETA so use with caution

A CDROM DVDROM writer, a package of blank CD/DVDs and a bit of patience.

CD / DVD Tips:
Here is a You Tube video showing how to create a bootable ISO Image

Create the Boot CD/DVD on an uninfected computer, handle the media on the edges, i.e., no finger prints on the media. Also buy sleeves or CD cases to store the media. Ensure you keep the burnt media out of the sun and away from heat sources. Label the media with an indelible marker, adhesive labels tend to have bubbles and ridges which can cause your CD to get stuck. If you cannot remove a cd, insert a straightened paper clip into the little hole you will see on the face of the CD/DVD burner.

As with all methods to remove viruses, multiple tests ensure the viral infections will be identified and then removed. There is no single test by which all viruses can be seen then removed. A multiple systems procedure takes more time but then increases the probability of seeing then removing the Malware. The experts who have created these removal tools also have described best practices the clean and repair your infected computer. By reading their instructions you dramatically improve your chances of success.

Additionally, ISO's can be restored to USB Flash Drives and then booted if the computers BIOS is tweaked to look at the bootable drive before attempting to boot from the infected hard disk. Not all computers allow one to boot from a USB Flash Drive, but many if not most the newer computers allow this method. Review this YouTube video to see how one tech used this method to create an UBCD4WIN bootable flash drive.

WARNING: USB Flash drives can be infected with viruses. Ensure you use a flash drive that allows you to Write Protect. Typically there is a switch on the USB Flash Drive that when switched prevents anything to be written to it. Otherwise, if your Boot sequence isn't correct you might infect the USB Flash Drive and then infect every computer into which the stick is plugged into. Please review this URL before infected your other computers,6564.html Please don't spread your malware infection because you are impatient and don't want to purchase a write protected USB Flash Drive!


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